Thailand's Chief of Police Apologize for Taiwan Actor's Alleged Extortion

N/A • 2 February 2023 02:38

Thailand's Chief of Police apologized on Tuesday, after it was revealed that seven police officers are being investigated for the alleged extortion of money, from a Taiwanese Actress, as she was visiting Bangkok.

The case comes up after Taiwanese Actress, Charlene-An, posted on her social media, that while traveling in a taxi, with her friends after a night out in the city, the group was stopped and searched at a checkpoint in the early hours of January 5 at around 3 AM.  

She alleges she was threatened with criminal charges for having an e-cigarette, and later paid 27 thousand Thailand Bath or roughly USD820, before being able to leave. 

Thai Police said, two captains, two senior sergeant majors and three sergeants who were at the checkpoint that night are being transferred to inactive positions, while the investigation is ongoing.

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(M. Khadafi)