Indonesia Receives IRRI's Award for Reaching Rice Self-sufficiency

16 August 2022 00:29

Indonesian President Joko Widodo received an award from the international rice research institute this week following the achievement that Indonesia has reached of Self Food Sufficeincy due to good food security system. In response to the award, President Widodo thanked farmers and those who are working on the ground to achieve Indonesia's food sufficiency.

According to President Widodo, Indonesia has established supporting agriculture infrastructure since 2015 when he took the first term of presidency. In the current three years, Indonesia has managed to produce 31 point 3 million tons of rice without importing it. 

Based on data from the indonesian statistics, Indonesia had 10 point 2 million tons of rice stock by April 2022. The country according to President Widodo is targeting to achieve Self Corn Sufficiency in the next two to three years.